Hello, World!

Dear Friends, 

In an effort to be better about communicating in general, and to avoid doing that thing where we try to sell you stuff every time we interact online, we thought we'd try our hand at talking to you like real humans - sharing the thought process behind some of our music, new projects we're excited about, and all our innermost feelings. We figured there was no better time to start than on the eve of our album launch. Each month, a different band member will send out a newsletter with their most recent musings about the goings-on of Noble Dust (and we'll put them up on our website too!). If you're not into all this innermost feelings stuff and you only scrawled your marginally legible hotmail address into our notebook in the basement of the Lizard Lounge because you wanted to know when we had new music for sale - that's totally cool too. (Did we mention we have new music for sale?) 

For the rest of you saps - on to the thing on our minds of late: our debut LP! 

It's been a long time coming - we've collected 10 songs that we've been working on and reworking on for upwards of 5 years in some cases. The title comes from this Longfellow poem - a reminder of how people move through the world absorbed in the minutia of their own lives, but ultimately the universe is indifferent. No matter what we do, the tide rises and falls, and once we realize that, it's both beautiful and terrifying to be so small and to be a part of something so grand. 

We had a heck of a lot of help bringing these songs into the world. We sent a slightly more ramble-y version of the above concept that loosely bound these ten songs to Club Passim's Iguana Fund, which graciously funded the album and to Nicole Anguish at Daykamp Creative who totally nailed the cover art. We sent a novella of mix notes to our engineers at Kennedy Studios who patiently turned things up and down and then up again to our satisfaction. We even borrowed Theresa Cleary from our band-crush As The Sparrow to play strings on the second track of the album, Where I Left You. 

I'm sure you'll hear musings on that track and others in a future episode of this newsletter, but of all the songs on the album, I'm most excited about the last track, Come Spring (which is out in the world as of today!). This is one of those songs that we've been tearing apart and taping back together in different configurations for years. This was first the song we started with music instead of words as a skeleton. It began its life as a happy little guitar riff (it had no idea what was in store) written by our guitarist Matt (who has since run off into the woods). Over time, we developed a more melancholy secondary section, and the push and pull between the two sections seemed to speak to a yearning to return to peace and clarity from a place of cold and confusion. As a band, we always aim to paint musical backdrops for lyrical storytelling, and on this track it feels like everyone contributed a little piece of themselves toward a shared vision.

Anyway - we're so excited for you to hear it, and to hear what you think! Drop us a line a nobledustmusic@gmail.com anytime to say hey. 

Love and thanks for listening,